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Feds Ask for 'Substantial' Prison Time for Michael Cohen

Dec 10 2018
The whole idea of having a "fixer" is that the person keeps you out of trouble and doesn't get caught doing it. It's safe to say that former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen was not a great fixer. Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud,......

How to Make Beneficiary Designations Without a Will

Dec 10 2018
When people hear the word "beneficiary," they immediately think Last Will and Testament. Though wills certainly are a popular way to designate beneficiaries, there are two others to keep in mind, and they are free. So if you are one of those people with annual checklists, keep these in......

Rapper 2 Milly Sues Fortnite Makers Over Stolen Milly Rock Dance

Dec 7 2018
Over the past four years, the Milly Rock has gone from street dance in Brooklyn to soccer celebration in London. And the video game Fortnite has garnered 200 million players, heights of popularity few games have ever seen. So perhaps it was to be expected that Fortnite characters would start Milly......

USA Gymnastics Files Bankruptcy in Response to Larry Nassar Lawsuits

Dec 7 2018
Former sports physician Larry Nassar has been sentenced to hundreds of years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting patients and minors in his care. Many of those victims were members of Michigan State's and the United States national gymnastics teams. USA Gymnastics has even been accused of paying......

New Jersey Ammunition Limit Affirmed by Federal Court

Dec 7 2018
The Second Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear Arms....

What's the Penalty for Stealing Christmas Decorations?

Dec 7 2018
Sadly, not all of us see the holidays as a time for cheer. And it would be nice if those Scrooges among us would just say, "Bah, humbug," and move on. But for some, the holiday spirit means stealing Christmas decorations from someone else's yard. And not just any decorations:......

One Brangelina Battle Finally Over: Pitt, Jolie File Child Custody Agreement

Dec 7 2018
Our long national nightmare has ended. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally agreed to a custody agreement involving the ex-couple's six children. While news of the out-of-court settlement leaked last month, more details have surfaced after the agreement was finally filed. Here's a look at what we know.......

Is It Legal to Sell Unpaid Invoices?

Dec 7 2018
Unpaid invoices aren't just a hassle for most small business -- they can significantly derail your cash flow, to the point you have trouble making investments, compensating employees, or paying your own bills. What seems like a minor headache of harassing a customer or client into payment could turn into......

Top 5 Legal Tips Regarding the Costs of Personal Injury Claims

Dec 6 2018
Accidents and injuries happen every day. And often, people don't seek compensation for their injuries because they are worried about the cost of an injury claim, or they think whatever they might get paid won't be worth the time and effort. While this may be the case in some instances,......

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